Saturday, June 30, 2007

Take the Kids!

Hi Gang,
Take the kids! Mine love a good road trip and they're learning a lot about local history.  They're also meeting lots of new and different people in the process.

We recently did an overnight out at Bickel Camp where Charlie Hattendorf and Jose Poblano taught the kids how to pan the "paydirt" that was just extracted via a drywasher from the claim.

The photo on the right shows Alex and Daniella in action working the sand in their pans.

During our time in Last Chance Canyon we Visited Burro Schmidt Tunnel and went through! Remember to bring plenty of flashlights! We had one go out on us while we were on our way back through.

As Charlie Hattendorf would say: "Seeya in  the Hills".

Chuck & Kids

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Are you getting out enough?

Howdy & Welcome!
A little about us. My kids and I live in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley. We're just on the "other side of the hill" from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood & Beverly Hills. We go over the hill for parties & playdates & sometimes for a movie or shopping.

When we get outta dodge, we typically drive north up Hwy 14 about 2 hrs to our local Mojave desert. There's lots to do and lots to talk about as you'll find out if you stay with me on this new blog!

I took the above photo while standing next to Burro Schmidt Tunnel near the top of Copper Mountain in the El Paso Mts. The photo looks north-ish toward Inyokern, hwy 395, Mt Whitney & down onto portions of Last Chance Canyon. Human History is everywhere and I'll try to share some of what I've learned as we go.

Within the photo & down in the canyon, is one of the least known, and because of that, best preserved depression era mining camps left. At least in the Western Mojave! Bickel Camp .

Where do you go when you have a day or more to relax and get out ??
Hike? Raft? Kayak? 4-Wheel? How and where do you get off the pavement?