Sunday, April 22, 2007

Are you getting out enough?

Howdy & Welcome!
A little about us. My kids and I live in Southern California in the San Fernando Valley. We're just on the "other side of the hill" from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood & Beverly Hills. We go over the hill for parties & playdates & sometimes for a movie or shopping.

When we get outta dodge, we typically drive north up Hwy 14 about 2 hrs to our local Mojave desert. There's lots to do and lots to talk about as you'll find out if you stay with me on this new blog!

I took the above photo while standing next to Burro Schmidt Tunnel near the top of Copper Mountain in the El Paso Mts. The photo looks north-ish toward Inyokern, hwy 395, Mt Whitney & down onto portions of Last Chance Canyon. Human History is everywhere and I'll try to share some of what I've learned as we go.

Within the photo & down in the canyon, is one of the least known, and because of that, best preserved depression era mining camps left. At least in the Western Mojave! Bickel Camp .

Where do you go when you have a day or more to relax and get out ??
Hike? Raft? Kayak? 4-Wheel? How and where do you get off the pavement?