Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Use your Oval Cooking Plank as a Baking Plank!

Here's a photo outline of a recipe procedure for cooking in your kitchen oven with your oval planks.
I DO NOT suggest that you soak the planks when using them in the oven.  BBQ, yes, soak them,
But when cooking in the oven we think the flavor of the wood will come out more easily if the wood is dry.

Our Oval Planks are certified pest free and kiln dried for 90 minutes at 160 degrees.

The kindling point of wood seems to vary with the species with a range of temp being from about
380 to 870 degrees fahrenheit.  Even at 450 I have not experienced any flames in the oven but please
be safe and pay attention to your own technique and temperatures.

These photos have a "Buy" button on them and that is for those who wish to use the photography and will not take you to a place where you can order our planks.  To buy our planks, please follow this link  to

Here's what we did - Pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.
The first photo shows two 5x10" White Cedar Natural Oval Cooking Planks on a foil lined cookie sheet:

Add some Olive oil to the plank surface:

Then add some thinly sliced onions, some salt and pepper to the plank surface.
Please be creative (and let us know how your do!) by using peppers instead or?

Time to add the meat. We chose a nice Salmon Steak and some Beef Short Ribs.
Along with a little more salt & pepper we added sliced lemon and squeezed some
lemon juice on the fish and we put some minced garlic on the beef:

Here are a couple more pictures before the food went into the oven:

Here's a shot after 20 minutes at 350 degrees:

We then turned up the temp to 450 for another 20 minutes 
and the food looked like this:

Cutting both the Salmon and the Beef Short Ribs open
we found that after 40 minutes the Salmon was possibly slightly overcooked
while the beef was rare to medium rare:

We also prepared some rice and steamed broccoli. We like to brown white rice in a hot
pot with onions and olive oil before adding broth.

The house smelled marvelous to be sure.  
A beautiful mix of the different meats along with a smokey fireplace smell from the wood.  A very homey, happy holiday aroma.

What would we do different next time? Well, my Mom suggested that we start the
beef ribs 15 minutes ahead of the Salmon - that's smart! ;-)

Serve the Salmon and Ribs right on the planks and onto a plate! 
Or Place the planks onto a platter and in the center of the table for an
Impressive dinner party display. 

Garnish with your favorite greens and colors.
These Natural Oval Planks are a great new idea for your Holiday Oven Cooking
and they make GREAT GIFTS!  
We have many different wood flavors available
We also have Sampler Gift Packs available.
Natural Oval Cooking Planks from Rocky Trail Ouotfitters

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Great Gift! - 5x10 Natural Oval Planks -6 for just $15.99

These planks vary in size from 5-5-1/2 inches wide to 10-10-1/2 inches long - you get 6 (SIX) planks in your choice of 9 wood flavors - White Cedar, Golden Alder, Hickory, Black Cherry, Sugar Maple, Northern Beechnut, Northern Mesquite, Acadian Oak and Atlantic Olive