Friday, September 25, 2009

The Grilled Pizza Stone is here!

Helps you make fantastic pizza and calzones in your outdoor gas or charcoal grill

· Thicker than indoor oven pizza stones to withstand the high-heat environment in your grill

· Unique material designed to withstand temperatures approaching 2300° F

· Unique material draws moisture from pizza dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust

· Unique shape maximizes grilling surface while allowing plenty of oxygen to reach coals

· Perfect for entertaining large groups or feeding your entire family-makes multiple pizzas at once

· Smoking Wood chunk technique gives pizza a rustic, old-world style flavor

· Makes a fantastic gift

· Dimensions-20 ½” wide by 16” deep-Fits all mid-size and large gas grills and all 22 ½” kettle grills (like a Weber)

· Weighs 14lbs and is shipped in special packaging · Made in the USA! Check the website for video - Grilled Pizza Stone